I am on a quest for the perfect automobile and right now I feel that it is the Aptera Motors, Aptera. The purpose of this blog is to bring positive attention to the car and to make Aptera Motors aware of issues that could hinder their success, e.g. lack of Aptera company information. It is my intent to investigate Aptera’s progress to market and to find out just how hard it is to get a vehicle like this insured, licensed, and maintained. My words here are based on my views and opinions and should not be taken as fact by anybody out there in the real world just because I say so here. I encourage you to check out all of the information available on the web currently on the Aptera and to become part of their mailing list at Aptera.com


6 Responses to “About Buzzkill763”

  1. Caroline Says:

    Thank you for being out there.

    I too would REALLY like to see this ‘car’ succeed, and it’s wonderful (for them & for people like us) to have a voice out there giving them the feedback from the street. I too am concerned with their lack of company info and car stats on the web. Plus, the site is too slow and cumbersome for enjoymment as the advertisement that it is. The music is nice, tho. Do what you can to get them to be more ‘professional’ and up front.

    I am really interestesd to hear what your bank has to say. 30k is a lot for a bank to invest in some new-world technology they don’t know about and probably scares their conservative natures right out their BMW’s!

    I will be checking in to see your progress. I have been carless for almost 5 years now, but this might get me back into a vehichle.

    Thanks, and keep it up!

  2. buzzkill763 Says:


    Thank you for the complement! I am doing my best to get the news out for everyone. I am still compiling a list of questions that Steve has not heard already and I am combing the blogs to see which ones have already been asked. I am also putting together a list of Websites that have covered it over the last year and will be publishing those links soon. It is very interesting reading the earliest posts and seeing the pictures of the first prototypes. It took them a while to flesh out a car that really makes people’s jaws drop. I have been playing a little game with a few people where I will describe the car to them and watch the smirk on the faces then I will show them the Aptera Website and watch them change their tunes. The first question I usually get from them when the see the first front shot of the car is, “How much money did you say it’s going for?”

    If you really like what I am doing here, please pass word of my site along. Also, comments, positive or negative are welcome as long as they are constructive in nature and aids in making either this blog better or helping the Team at Aptera understand what customers really want.

  3. James Says:

    Hi Just wanted to say I love the blog. Nice to see somebody actually trying hard to find all the information about the car.

    I’ll be honest. I put down my reservation about a week ago, and I’m still kinda skeptical. The most I can turn up about the car is a few non-quality videos on their myspace site, as well as a super flash website with very little concrete information. Also the same 15 or so pictures are all over the web.

    Anyways I’ll be checking your blog for more information! The parts about the insurance were very interesting too.

    All my friends think i’m crazy for plopping down the reservation fee, and for even thinking about this car, but I feel like you – it’s so revolutionary I have to have it. Here’s to the future!

  4. Matt Says:

    There’s a hot new video on the media page of the aptera.com site. Check it out – it drives!

  5. Marc Says:

    Do you happen to know Aptera’s phone number? I work for a company designing a roadable aircraft (think flying car), and their airbag-in-the-seatbelt intrigues us, and we were wondering what company they were using for it. If you know how to get in contact with them other than the email address on the site (which I am still waiting to hear back from), I would appreciate it. Email me if you know.


  6. Marty Says:


    Small world. I too am an Ohio Aptera craver (actually right across the river in NKY, but Ohio born). I had already decided my next car would be electric before I happened upon the Aptera. I had no idea such a thing existed. I’ve just become aware of the car within the last couple of months and already the lack of up-to-date information is KILLING me! I’ve signed up for the news letter but have received nothing. I’ve e-mailed,… nothing. The waiting would be so much more bearable if once a month or so I could get a little progress report or something. Anyway- thanks to you for keeping the word out there and for providing at least a place to vent!

    Starving for news…

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