For those of you out there who have been looking in on this blog from time to time (and it hasn’t been many) It will be a shock for you to see a new post. I looked in on it today for the first time in a long time to see if I was even interested in keeping it alive. I discovered that over a year has passed since my last post. I have watched idly from the sidelines as others blogged about the Aptera using information they received from the “legitimate press”. I stopped blogging because I was bored with doing the same thing other people had been doing which was regurgitating better blogs.

That said, I wanted to say that I am very happy to see that the company is still living on even after a year. Especially now in a time when our economy is in chaos and my IRA has just enough money in it to purchase an Aptera. I may need the Aptera to live in if the economic downturn continues at its current rate. Bad times aside, the Aptera is for me a symbol of what we can become as a people. More caring and courteous to each other and our planet. Even if this car doesn’t become successful on its own, I would have to say that it will be recognized in the long run as the car that made us realize that 100 MPG is not an impossibility.

Note to Steve Fambro: Dear Steve, I still dream of owning your car. Even though I purchased a 2008 Prius and still get about 50 MPG with it, I want more. The Aptera has what I want and I want it now! Please keep the dream alive Steve!