REAL news about the Aptera is becoming very hard to come by. Bloggers like myself seem to be keeping it alive on the web more so than the mainstream press. Problem is that bloggers like myself depend on the mainstream press to get information about the subjects we love. I will do my best to cover this subject in the time to come but the links below are the only findings today that seem to be worth reading about. One blog and one news paper article about the Aptera. For good measure I threw in a blog entry about the Chevy VOLT which may be a contender if GM can keep the batteries from overheating.

This year will mark my 45th spin around our Sun. I have for the most part done my best to ‘Give a hoot and not pollute’, but I want MORE out of giving back. The problem with going GREEN for me is that the up front costs of doing so is burdensome on the wallet. If I do too much too soon my green world will put me further in red before I am back in the black. The Prius I purchased is going to help, but in the long run I need more GREEN EVERYTHING! I want solar panels and high efficiency home heating and cooling. I want ‘gray-water’ lawn sprinkling and a geodesic dome of glass to cover my house. And I want a solar powered robotic maid to walk my electric dog. To paraphrase Tim Allen, ‘ I want LESS POWER! ARG! ARG! ARG!’ But how can I do all that on a salary that is about $36K/year? That will be the challenge for me and that will be the co-subject of my future blog entries.

Ciao for now.