Vertigo. It is a word you do not appreciate the meaning of until you have actually experienced it. The spinning of your head is such that you feel as though you are five hundred feet off the ground and trying to stand on a one square foot square without falling off. Dealing with it on a daily basis is difficult if all you have to do is stay home. Unfortunately, I have to work. I am fighting the Vertigo everyday so I can get a paycheck. I had three head spinning episodes before sitting down to write this. I just wanted all of you to know that I am still committed to the process of finding out how difficult it is to get a car like the Aptera and I will report on my findings as I get them. Two weeks of Vertigo has had one advantage though. I got to sit down to watch a movie this last weekend. The movie is titled, “Who Killed the Electric Car?” It is the story of the General Motors experimental electric car that many regular people like us loved, and how everyone in business and government that stood to loose money if it succeeded hated it. The car was very far ahead of its time and threatened the wallets of too many fat cats. This film is a must see, but be warned, it is not a happy film by any means. To me it shows how a lot of people like us fell in love with a vehicle that was so right and then had it ripped out of their hands. It was very depressing for me because I could easily relate to those people. Right now in this time frame we are all waiting for the Aptera to become reality. I believe in the car and I hope you all do too. But what I am afraid of with what little information I have got already about how my insurance company doesn’t recognize it because it doesn’t fall within their criteria of any sort of vehicle on the road that there will be many other road blocks (no pun intended). I feel too few people know about the Aptera right now so I am asking all of you to do something simple; e-mail your friends and family with the link to the Aptera web site. Help stir interest and also suggest that they watch the movie Who Killed the Electric Car?. If enough word about this car gets out, we may just save it from the fate the Tucker suffered.