Sorry for so many delays. I Haven’t been feeling well for over a week now because I have been suffering from vertigo due to a middle ear infection. I stood up last night to get the telephone and ended up on the floor on my back with the world spinning around my head. The same thing happened today when I went to work. I was walking and lightly tripped over the toe of a coworker and landed hard. As a result, I haven’t had the opportunity to make my lunch hour research calls on insurance and bank loans because I have just been eating and trying to keep my head from flying off my shoulders.¬†Opening my e-mail I received a notice that there was a comment waiting for moderation. Upon reading it I realized that it was some of the most fantastic news on the Aptera yet… The news? It’s in the news! Not just some fan boy site like this one, but on the television for less informed people to see! All thanks to DAK! I don’t know you but right now you are my hero for bring attention to this video. I will be adding it to the top of the list of URLs on the right side of the page all of you can find it more easily. I hope to get back to researching this more soon so stay tuned.