Well folks, I got the word from my insurance agent today who said that they would NOT at this time insure an Aptura for me if I were to purchase one. The reason? According to their current standards, it is neither a car nor a motorcycle. This standard states, if I understand correctly, that a car has four wheels and a motorcycle is not enclosed by an outer shell. My agent was very apologetic and said that they ARE looking into the possibility of covering such vehicles in the future, just not now. It may be too early in the game for many insurance companies to consider coverage of any hybrid vehicle that is as exotic as the Aptera, but at least they are not saying no either. One thing my agent said was that it is possible that the people at Aptera have already looked into this problem and may offer their own insurance. Or, they are working on a deal with some smaller insurance company to offer coverage on the Aptera. Granted this is all hopeful thinking on the part of this fan boy, but surely Mr. Fambro has already thought this through and has some sort of plan. Do you Mr. Fambro? In the event that there is no plan in place, I need your help finding insurance agencies that will cover this vehicle. I live in Ohio and my goal is for this blog to be an information gathering site for all 50 states for how the Aptera is classified by both the insurance companies and the state governments. Any of you who wish to help may do so by contacting your insurance agencies in your home state and asking if they would insure a 3 wheeled vehicle and how they classify it; car or motorcycle? Do the same with your Department of Motor Vehicles and see what their answer is. I will post the results here as they come in.  I will help by saying that any of you out there that have Allstate insurance, don’t bother calling. They are the company I have been speaking of. I hope Allstate doesn’t think I have been unkind in any way. They are my company of choice for standard home and auto; I just wish they were on board for the Aptera.Please post your answers on this issue as soon as possible so we can help get the Aptera on the road.