Ok, here is a new feature on this site.  Starting today, I will be placing links to articles I find on the web pertaining to the Aptera.  Anytime I find new news about our obsession, I will post the link in the Links box on the right side of my page.  I will also make an announcement when I have added the link so you won’t miss it.  You may notice that the oldest links start at the top of the list. I did this on purpose to give you a chronological progression of the stories as they came out so you can see the car in all of its phases.  You can see that the earliest prototypes were very rough in design in contrast to the car that captured my (our) imagination about a week ago. The final design we see today has come about very quickly since the first showing in March 2007 at the TED conference which speaks to the genius of Mr. Fambro.  You can see that the head lamps were still very small and the wheel suspension was thicker.  Although the car at TED would have been very desirable, the choices made in the redesign were brilliant and makes it even harder to resist.  Although I will be looking for new articles constantly, please send me information of any new links any of you find and I will post them on this blog.  Thank you all!