Today was a bad day for me because I didn’t get to do the research on what it is going to take the average man to get an Aptera. However, I have some very exciting new! There is an article that you will find on AutoblogGreen that has great photos and some more information about the Aptera. is new to me but has turned out to be a great resource of information for myself. I would suggest that you check them out often because they will have much better information on the car itself than I will.

Although today was a bust for me, I will try tomorrow to reach the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles to see what they have to say. Also, I am compiling a list of questions for Mr. Fambro from myself and from the poor souls who have been brainwashed by Detroit into thinking that cars need to be square and ugly to be safe. Here is a sample question from the nabobs Steve: How will the Aptera do in snow and rain with only 3 wheels?

That is not my personal question, Mr. Fambro because my Uncle Bill once owned an Isetta found here. It had three wheels and it could go through any snow storm Michigan could throw at him. I will try to get some better questions but feel free to answer that one here if you wish.

Bye for now.