My journey truly started today when I called my auto insurance agent to find out how my insurance company would view the idea of insuring a vehicle like the Aptera©. My conversation started out something like, “I have a really strange question for you.” My insurance agent thought he had heard it all until I started talking to about three wheeled vehicles that look like airplanes and get 230 to 300 miles per gallon. Being that I am a paying customer, he listened. And after I had my say, it became obvious that he was very open to the idea of a three wheeled car because this seemed to be kind of a fantasy for him too.”I have been waiting for this call” he said. “With gas prices going up, I knew someone was going to come out with a car like this.” He went on to say that the question had never been brought up to him before about any vehicle like this, but he was going to contact people higher up to see what they had to say. He figured it may take about 2 weeks. I need to point out that he works for one of the largest in the nation so a positive response from him will be most welcome. He spoke somewhat of what his idea of how an ultra high mileage vehicle may be constructed. I could tell that at least on this subject, we were kindred spirits. It seemed obvious that he had given this subject as much thought as I have. I will let all of you know what he finds out as soon as I hear from him. My next step is to contact someone in Ohio State Government to see how such a vehicle is viewed by the authorities. I think this is going to be a little tougher. I am also going to contact my bank to see how they would feel about giving me a loan on such a vehicle. I will tell you of those adventures as well. The people at Aptera have entered a competition with the X PRIZE Foundation©. The Automotive X PRIZE winner will receive a $10.000.000 prize for building a car that can get 100 miles to the gallon. I am leaving a lot out here on purpose because I would like you to visit their site at This is the same organization that gave $10 Million to the builders of Space Ship 1 a couple of years ago. They want to drive the independent spirt of bright people to inspire them accomplish those things that our current industries can’t or won’t that would benefit the entire human race. The fact that the Aptera people are so far along gives them a good shot at winning this prize. Now the sour to go with the sweet. I signed up for their news letter and received an automated e-mail in return thanking me for my interest. The body of the e-mail did not contain an address to e-mail them back, but when I clicked on reply, I discovered that it was going to an address of I sent an e-mail expressing my displeasure at their lack of disclosure of their company’s information. I did not receive an automated rejection. However, I didn’t receive a reply either. I will keep you posted of the progress of this as well. I know they are a small company, but they are asking an awful lot of people to send them money without even giving us proper identification. I am very sure that when the time comes that their cars are available they will be asking us for every conceivable form of identification there is; so come on Mr. Fambro, I’ll show you mine if you show me yours. 😉